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Happy you stopped by. If you’re looking for a typical real estate agent, you’re at the wrong place. I’m an advocate, educator, and property & profit protector of and for my clients. And yeah, it’s all about real estate. But I don’t stop there. If we decide to work together, I will be your super hero.  And I don’t stop once the transaction is over. I want to be your trusted friend for years to come. So see, it’s not that easy to get rid of me once we’ve connected and exchanged value, but I promise it will always be to your benefit and delight.

Have a great day, and take a look at my blog if you want to know more about me.

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A Word From Tamara

How to Price Your Sac Home for Sale

Pricing your home properly is key. Very few homeowners in the Western world don’t think their home is worth more than the comparable analysis indicate. It will be essential for you to do your best to remove your emotions and personal opinions when it comes...
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It’s Never About The House

Other Agent: What do you mean it’s not about the house? We’re in real estate; it’s always about the house. Me: No, it’s always about the people who own or want the house. The truth of the matter is that houses don’t have feelings. People do. And people...
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How Termites Broke My Heart

Disclaimer: Any real estate stories I share here are based on real experiences over the past couple of decades, however, I protect the privacy of my clients by changing names and places. So, if I've sold you a house before and something sounds vaguely...
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Sacramento Sellers

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I’m a Person….Are You?

I’m in the people improvement business. I help them with changing their environments. After 26 years of serving the Sacramento area, I get really tired of people categorizing agents as often less than appealing. Sure, there's plenty of reason to dislike a lot of...
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How to Know When it’s Time to Sell Your Sac Home

Real estate is cyclical. That simply means that there are peaks and spikes that not only effect the real estate market overall, but the entire national economy, since real estate plays a key role in it. If anyone tries to tell you they know for certain...
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The Art of Organization

(This is an excerpt from the new book, “It’s Your Move, Inside Secrets to Buying and Selling a Home”): I was recently at my local real estate association to buy a new open house sign. This is the place where real estate professionals go to purchase...
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Every House Has Story

  No two houses are exactly alike and each one tells a different story. Houses are an extension of us, which adds to their uniqueness. For no homeowner I’ve ever known has their house just been a pile of sticks and stucco. The memories of when you...
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Before It’s Too Late

It was in Carmichael a couple of years ago. An unexpected heart attack (not that they are ever really expected), left two adult children to deal with their mother's estate. Their father had passed away several years earlier, and the mother lived alone. Her son was...
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The Writing on the Wall

Tenants can be tricky in real estate, especially if they decide to stop paying rent. But alas, we are in the land of California where tenants tend to have more rights than I do empty wine bottle. Don’t get me wrong or send me hate mail if you are tenant whose landlord did you wrong…I know those kinds are out there too, but that’s not the point, and since I’m telling the story,

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About Tamara

Tamara is  a life-time Sacramento resident. She has four grown children, one adorable grandson, and two dogs she and her husband spoil. Tamara holds advanced degrees, and has written lots of books.

If you’re in Sacramento, ask for a FREE copy of the book above:

Areas of Expertise

While I have tackled a short sale in Vacaville and a listing in Pollock Pines, my expertise is in the areas I’ve been living in the past 40 years. Born in Folsom, raised in OrangevaleFair Oaks, and the Arden Area, lived in Carmichael for more than 30 years. I know these areas exceptionally well, understand the market activity, and am very familiar with the inventory.

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