I’m in the people improvement business. I help them with changing their environments.

After 26 years of serving the Sacramento area, I get really tired of people categorizing agents as often less than appealing. Sure, there’s plenty of reason to dislike a lot of people who fall into the realm of “sales person,” but I consider myself a service person first and foremost (i.e. I’ve never once pushed someone into buying or selling a home and attest to the fact it couldn’t be done anyway). I also TEACH real estates ethics at American River College (13 years now!) to would-be agents in the Sacramento area.

Now back to what I do.

When someone decides to sell their property, I help them prepare it as much as possible to make it an environment that a happy home buyer will want to live in. When someone wants to buy a home, I help them get really clear on the kind of environment they desire. Our homes—where we live—say a lot about us, about who we are. I always say that our homes are an extension of ourselves.

Preparing your space for someone new to take over is only half of it. You too, have to find your new home. Even if you’re not going to buy your next place, the change in residences is still significant. I think what’s been missing all along is a book that helps buyers and sellers understand not only the paperwork and procedures of the residential real estate transaction, but the psychology behind it. (Good news, I wrote that book!)

I’ve been helping people buy and sell houses a long time, and one thing I can say for sure is there are never two transactions that are exactly the same. Why? Because no two people are exactly the same. We are all people before we are what we do, hence the title of this article. Oh sure, we all have similarities, just like houses do, but at the end of the day I know two things to be true. First, real estate is way more about people than it is property, and second, emotions are at the heart of every transaction. As a semi-expert in psychology (and a longtime counselor of consumers) I know that emotions are what drive our decisions—oh sure, we like to think we’re all logical and analytical, but ultimately, we are much more emotionally-driven than we may realize.

Every person I have sold a house to or for in the past 26 years was a unique individual; no two transactions were identical. In other words, there are basic procedures that you’ll definitely want to know before you take what could be the biggest plunge of your life, but also, being clear on your motives and emotions before you dive in head-first makes you extra smart and ahead of the game.

But mostly, I want to help you—whoever you are and wherever you are—make the best choices in buying or selling a home (even if you choose to sell it on your own). It all starts with understanding the significance of home. Buying or selling, it doesn’t matter. Our homes are our shelters. Our spaces to be ourselves; to walk around in our underwear, eat cereal on the couch, and carry on our most intimate, personal activities. We can shut people out, invite others in, or simply sit and chill. Our space becomes part of us.

I think you’ll find the book (should you decide to read it) is like having a conversation with me at your kitchen table, sharing my hard-won experience of how you can get the best deal when buying, and the best profits when selling a house. But I hope you dig deeper and get really clear on what’s driving your decision to buy or sell your home. That knowing will take you far when things become stressful—and they often do.

Don’t expect a boring, bulleted point “things to do to winterize your home” list. You can get a ton of that kind of information free, online. I want to get deeper into your head and heart, understand your motives, and help you understand how they relate to your best move (or decision not to move) in real estate. Save the doom and gloom and political ramblings for the fear-feeding media. Life is really a heck of a lot better than you may hear from all of the alleged “experts.” And like it or not, our wellbeing is directly connected and affected by where we hang our hats. As they say, home is where the heart is, so let’s start talking about yours.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling in the greater Sacramento Area, I’d love to send you a free copy of my new book. It will help you make and/or save the most money with the least stress. Guaranteed…and it’s FREE. I’d love to help you with your real estate goals…ask for it here: www.ItsYourMoveSac.com

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