No two houses are exactly alike and each one tells a different story. Houses are an extension of us, which adds to their uniqueness. For no homeowner I’ve ever known has their house just been a pile of sticks and stucco. The memories of when you planted that tree, had your first party, or taught your child how to ride his bike in the driveway will remain in your heart forever. Our homes reflect us, protect us, and hopefully fill us with joy. However, nothing last forever and sometimes it’s time to move on.

When people sell their home, it’s usually because of a life-changing event. There are happy events (expanding the family, relocating to a new job, getting married, or upgrading to a nicer home), and there are not so happy events (divorce, death, illness). No matter what the reasons why someone decides to sell, there is always a story behind it. And that story matters to me.

When Jonathan lost his job, he and Lacey couldn’t maintain the high payments of their Carmichael home; they needed to sell it and downsize while Jonathan looked for a different job. Being in his late 50’s and looking for work in a world filled with 35 year-old whiz kids wasn’t easy, and neither was giving up the home that they had both put so much into over the past 16 years. They weren’t just selling Lacey’s amazing rose bushes and Jonathan’s outdoor kitchen; they were selling all of the memories that went along with them.

Fortunately, they had enough equity to get them into a smaller home that they have since fallen equally in love with, and Jonathan has since found a job where he actually gets to avoid the downtown commute every day. They recently told me that him getting laid off and them downsizing was actually turning out to be just what they both needed. I notice a new sense of optimism and joy when I see their Facebook posts or check in on them.

My clients know and trust me because I become part of their story. I help them take the important next step, no matter what the transition might be. Because like you, I also see more than sticks and stucco when I look at a home. I see you, a homeowner, who has decided to move on, for whatever reason. I see someone who is most likely bombarded with a thousand distractions every single day, so when it comes time to find an agent, how in the world will you choose? Aren’t all agents just about the same?


Having a real estate license is one thing; caring about your story is another. Why not order my book that I am currently offering complimentary copies to my Carmichael neighbors? Just visit my website and look for the book link. And while you’re there, you can read my blog, check out your home’s value, and learn more about what qualifies me as the best person to serve your housing needs. See you there!