While I am sometimes referred by a Fiduciary or probate attorney, I also work directly for individuals who have been named as Executors or Administrators. Usually the person who’s been appointed as the personal representative was seen by the deceased as the one with the best ability to make decisions and typically, that person is working a full-time job. Having the time to deal with the many challenges of probate is often a very critical problem and almost every newly minted personal representative usually takes on that responsibility with absolutely no experience whatsoever and precious little available time to devote to the task.

My goal as a real estate probate specialist, is to relieve some of the stress often associated with the loss of a loved one and who is left in charge of handling the estate. My primary focus is in helping you get the most money possible for the real property that often needs to be liquidated. But in order for that to occur most effectively, other things may need to be done.

(1) If desired, I can handle or help with any personal property in need of removal: This is often the number one stumbling block in an estate sale. A home filled with personal possessions is difficult to deal with. They are seen as the things the decedent used and cared about every day and it’s hard to part with such things. First, the family should to take anything they want to hold onto or have been granted via the will. After that has been done, I can help you find the best estate seller for your needs. They will sell what they can and donate the rest.

(2) I can recommend any necessary repairs/improvements: I have numerous people I can refer you to that work from minor repairs to full renovations. Depending on your goals, I can help you determine where investing in the right repairs/improvements will allow the estate to sell for the highest possible price and often in the shortest amount of time. But if a fast, as-is sale is preferred, we can go that route too. I work with many cash investors who will buy properties in as-is condition for sellers if they are willing to take a lesser price and/or don’t want to invest in making the property retail-ready.

(3) I can help with discussions with other stakeholders and attorneys: One of the biggest problems in probate management, especially with multiple people with an interest in the results of probate, is communication. I can be part of these stakeholder discussions and often act as a buffer to smooth possible points of contention. I offer bi-weekly updates to all parties to make sure everyone knows exactly what’s happening. I am here to help shoulder the burden and lessen the stress.

While the probate process itself can be long and time-consuming, I am committed to supporting my clients throughout the process. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any service in the Sacramento Area 916.482.5834

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